The Cannabis Revolution

About five years ago, the level of research and technology in the fast-growing cannabis market helped drive major advances in product quality and manufacturing methods. Consumers became aware of the various ingestion methods and the importance of high-quality cultivation and refinement methods. At the same time, significant expenditures were invested in researching the medicinal properties of cannabis and in the development of corresponding products.

This market, called cannabinoid-based medicine (CBM), is gaining more and more importance compared to the common use of the cannabinoid CBD as a dietary supplement and admixture to common food products and is forcing the increase to the quality level of the available products.

Parallel to this development, a separate market for medical cannabis, essentially flowers with different compositions of the active ingredients, has emerged, whose requirements for the products as a medical active ingredient, is even more clearly defined. There is a new focus on processing the active ingredients contained in the flowers into pharmaceutical end products with higher efficacy and more efficient handling in distribution.



The market development for cannabis products

For the year 2028, the market research institute forecasts a total European market for cannabis with a volume of 123 billion euros. According to this study, this total market is divided into a submarket for medical cannabis (i.e. products with THC content) amounting to EUR 58 billion and a further segment for "recreational" cannabis (i.e. products with CBD but with little or no THC content) amounting to EUR 65 billion.

In addition, there are significant submarkets in North America (estimated market volume of 34 billion euros in 2024) and South America with a forecast volume of 15 billion euros in 2028.



Entwicklungsgesellschaft CPharm International mbH (ECI)

CPharm International brings experience from projects in different countries and has been doing R&D since 2000 . The company knows the current state of relevant research and as well as all the necessary partners to bring all the know-how in the development of complex equipment to international projects.

CPharm International offers assistance in the development of legislation, certification and regulatory requirements, as well as in the construction and operation of production facilities. Recent examples include projects in Cyprus, Morocco and Lesotho.

CPharm International also has access to the resources of numerous partner companies that have successfully developed, implemented and marketed products across the spectrum of the cannabis market in the recent past.





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